Collecting my thoughts…

So, here’s the deal.  I’m not even remotely sure where this might go, but I’m going to give blogging a try.  Not out of a self-delusional thought that people might want to hear what I have to say, or that they need advice from me, or even think I’m interesting.  Actually I feel like doing this will be quite the opposite for me.  I will probably ramble a lot (as you might think I’m doing now), but in truth, I am writing this as a sort of way to collect my thoughts publicly.  So, now you may be asking yourself, “If he doesn’t even know, how am I gonna know if this is even worthy of following?”  Well, in truth, I’m not sure.  I can tell you that a majority of my writing here will be about the following topics (for the most part): My love of God, my love of my wife, my love of tech, and randomness about life in Eastern Kentucky.  I’m looking forward to this adventure, and hope that you enjoy the ride with me.

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