So, a few things have changed. Well, maybe a lot. For sure a lot. Well, some things are a whole lot, others, maybe not so much.

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So, when I wrote my original blog post back in to 2013, I put a few things out here so you could get to know me better.  Some of these things have changed, some have not. It’s weird to see the things I discussed at that time in my life and know how much has changed and how much has not.  I have a new position at work since then.  We’ve purchased a car.  We’ve been out West twice thanks to family.  It’s amazing how quickly time can pass and what changes and what doesn’t.  Sometimes that change is intentional, sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not.  Change shapes us and molds us, often without our knowing or consent.  Something during this time frame that I have had to be purposeful about is knowing that I can only worry about what I control, not what I can’t.  Now, understand, that’s easier said than done 9 times out of 10, but it’s something I’m really working on.  REGULARLY.  With that aside, here are some things that have changed for me, and a few that haven’t.

1. Favorite Movie: Still the Shawshank Redemption.  I will still stop what I’m doing anytime it’s on TV, or anywhere for that matter and watch like I’ve never watched before.  This movie is always so much more than the sum of its parts to me.  Depending on how you view it, it’s a story about revenge.  It’s a story about friendship. It’s a story about injustice.  It’s a story about freedom.  What it is not, is a typical Stephen King story.  That much is for sure.


2. Favorite Movie Series:  The Godfather.  The Godfather still resonates with me.  I recently watched a supercut of the first two movies with a friend of mine that was the entire first two movies cut in chronological order and with all the deleted scenes.  It clocked in at an astonishing 434 minutes.  Seriously.  Over seven hours of Marlon Brando mumbling, having people killed and protecting “The Family.”  It was epic and I would sit down again and watch it all over.  I’m sorry to say that this one is hard to find, however.  Our friend caught it on HBO and DVR’d it and we watched it in two sittings.  Still a favorite of mine.

The Godfather

3. Favorite Sci-Fi Series:  Star Wars.  No film series has shaped my life nearly as much as Star Wars.  I have rallied around friends because of it.  We have had themed parties around it (at a college small group we were leading, Blue Bantha Milk and all).  I have t-shirts, which I wear very few of depicting it.  My wife has t-shirts related to it.  Our favorite character is Boba Fett and dude only has three lines across two movies (Not counting the prequels) and we still love the background about him.  I’ve read books, watched shows, watched documentaries, watched parodies, watched Youtube videos, waited in line for tickets for, snuck out of Bible College to see showings, and even made trips to track down vinyl albums of the score.  Needless to say, we are Star Wars enthusiasts.  At our core, we’re geeks, but cool ones.

Star Wars

4. Guilty Pleasure Movie:  Gone in 60 Seconds.  Still a guilty pleasure.  One of the reasons I haven’t purchased this movie yet is because it is a guilty pleasure and I can still come across it on TV on occasion.  That somehow makes it okay in my mind that I enjoy it so much.  Seriously, Nic Cage is a terrible actor.  Terrible.  This movie though, for me, he hits on all cylinders (see what I did there?).  This movie, seriously, is the one movie that I felt like all of his idiosyncrasies are perfect for the part.  Anybody see Ghost Rider?  Same character.  Anybody see The Rock?  Same character.  Anybody see Con Air?  Same character with a TERRIBLE Southern Accent.  In Gone in 60 Seconds though, it just fits for me.  His persona, his swagger, and his poor attempts a humor and sarcasm.  Did I mention that Nic Cage is a terrible actor?

Gone in 60 seconds

5. I am a shameless Apple Enthusiast.  Well, this one has changed the most, by FAR.  Over the last few years since Steve Jobs passing, Apple seems to have lost their way in some respects.  Sure they still make great phones.  Sure they still make great computers.  Sure other products of theirs have been mediocre at best.  Wait, what? Yep, I said it, Apple has made some products over the last few years that have been mediocre at best.  Heck, some of them have been terrible.  It feels very much like they are putting out some products to fill the masses needs to get a new device every year and only add mediocre, incremental feature changes at best.  Its pretty rough when the first new, great device is a $159 pair of wireless headphones.  We will definitely be talking more about Apple in upcoming blog posts.

6. I LOVE the Green Bay Packers.  This will not change.  Kelly and I are owners and I won’t get into the current NFL Protests, National Anthem, etc. debate.  We love the Packers and are unashamed of that.  We like the game of football and the spectacle has gotten out of hand, but that has not changed our enthusiasm for rooting for our favorite team, yelling at the TV, or eating copious amounts of food in celebration of a Super Bowl (which hopefully involves the Packers!).

7. I still love Photography. but….  Over the years photography became more of burden than something I enjoyed.  I took a purposeful sabbatical from photography.  I went so far as to sell my camera and equipment.  I have found over the last bit that I am beginning to find my love for it and videography again.  That’s something that I will begin exploring again soon.

8. Favorite Book:  Still Screwtape, see previous Blog Post for a reference: Getting to know me.

9. I love trucks. I still love trucks to no end.  I still want a truck to no end.  In my last blog relating to this subject, I said unequivocally that my next vehicle would be a truck.  Well, I was wrong (and therefore learned a lesson about stating things unequivocally).  Our current vehicle is a midsize SUV.  We got in a situation with one of our vehicles that it had to be replaced quicker than we would have liked and that caused us to reevaluate our current vehicle situation.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the new ride, but man, it’s not a truck.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit like a yuppie-truck.

10.  Finally to close,  I still love tech.  There, I said it again.  I still read tech blogs.  I still make it my business to learn as much as I can about trends and the next new thing.  I often find myself looking up information on new innovations, still reading tech blogs, watching (and forcing Kelly to watch until she says, “I’m done”) YouTube Videos, and just learning about and teaching it in general.  I have loved it so much that I ended up being able to switch into a career that puts me in close proximity to tech all the time and allows me to learn about it….AND GET PAID FOR IT!  I mean seriously, how cool is that?!

I’ll be adding more in upcoming blog posts about things I have explored, experiences I have been able to have and new things I’m into.  I look forward to sharing with you!

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